Refund Policy

Refund Policy

Filing a complaint

Our goal is to a reach a mutually satisfactory solution. If you are unsatisfied for any reason that has caused you to think about filing a refund claim, please take few minutes to write to us at contact@tackleconsulting.net to initiate a dialog before requesting a refund. Refund claims should only be filed if we are unable to come to a mutually satisfactory solution.

Eligibility for Refund

Tackle Consulting LLC takes every project very seriously and ensures that the same is handled in a professional manner and the client gets the result as per the terms and conditions of the proposal agreement. However, if the client is not happy with the outcome and has gone through the dispute resolution process, we do consider refund requests as per the following schedule which clearly lists the services and our refund policy related to each service.

Dedicated Hiring Full refund if the programmer / designer / content writer / SEO expert (or any other resource / staff) has not started the project. Proportionate amount will be refunded if the client decides to cancel the order at any point of time. No refund will be provided for the days the resource has already worked. If client is not satisfied with the work at any point of time, he must immediately notify our Project Manager and ask for commitments towards discounts for the work loss. Any such negotiation at a later date will not be acceptable. Applicability of the Delivery Policy Please note that Tackle Staffing's delivery commitment is subject to: -Timely payments: A project is not considered to be void if the agreed upon / listed payments are not clear. -Timely communication from the client: Tackle Consulting LLC is not bound to respect the Refund Policy, if required information for successful completion of the project is not communicated to us in a timely manner. Any delay or failure of the project arising out of such situations cannot be attributed to Tackle Staffing. -Completeness of information provided by the client: If the information provided to Tackle Consulting LLC is incomplete and/or complete information/scope of the project is not provided at the beginning of the project, Tackle Consulting LLC is not bound to maintain its delivery and /or refund commitments. -Tackle Consulting LLC will not make any compensation for the delay of delivery under any circumstances, unless there is a special agreement signed with a penalty clause for delay in delivery.