Direct Hire Placement

Our Direct Hire Placement Services can eliminate much of the time and expense required to conduct internal searches for key people at any organizational level.

We provide qualified candidates who have been prescreened to precisely match your requirements. This way, you eliminate the frustration of sorting through thousands of resumes obtained by conducting costly internet or newspaper advertising campaigns to find the few candidates with the skills, experience and personal qualities you are seeking.

Direct Hire Placement

Our Specialized Expertise


Our Hiring Alternatives

With specialized expertise in various high-demand disciplines, our search consultants understand your needs and manage the entire hiring process for seamless integration within your organization. We offer three hiring alternatives whether you choose our retained search, contingency search or project hiring solutions.

Better Candidates.

When a business decides to use a staffing agency for a direct hire placement, the company has the ability to attract a better pool of applicants. Job seekers, both passive and active, are more likely to leave a current position for a direct hire job if it is a permanent move versus a temporary or temp-to-hire placement.

Stronger Commitment.

Employees placed in a direct hire position have a better sense of stability with the company where they are placed. Temporary employees know they will move on at some point, so often do not feel the same loyalty towards a company that an employee in for the long haul would feel.

Team Work.

Our recruiters understand that direct hires are strategic. We screen candidates to find someone who meets the job requirements and fits your organizational environment. We're not just looking at what these candidates can contribute now; we're looking ahead to what they can contribute a decade from now.